Water Tank Filter Bench Top Bottle Dispenser Ceramic Carbon Mineral Purifier

SKU: 16LWaterTank

STYLE: 16L Water Tank

16L Water Tank
24L Water Tank
2x Filters for 16L Water Tank
2x Filters for 24L Water Tank

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Product Details

A simple, non-electric tank ready to be used in the workplace, home or outdoor occasion. The multi-stage filtration elements is designed to simulate natural mineral water creation for you to enjoy great tasting drinking water. Can help with the removal of heavy metals, while releasing essential minerals into the water including Calcium, Zinc and Magnesium. 


  • Multi-layer filtration provides 8 stages of water purification
    - Stage 1: Ceramic stone pre-filter: 
    Main contents consist of highly compressed ceramic diatom. Made under high temperature and quality manufacture, it can help filter out dirt solids, sands, other sediments and heavy metals. The ceramic filter diameter is 0.2-0.5 micron (diameter bacteria is 0.5-1.0 micron).
    - Stage 2: Silver Advanced Carbon: 
    Can help remove heavy metals and chemicals
    - Stage 3: Mineral Zeolite Granules: 
    Can help with removing heavy metals from water
    - Stage 4: Natural Silica Sand: 
    Can help to bring about a PH balance by assisting with removing acidic components from the water.
    - Stage 5: Mineral Sand Infusion: 
    Can help to restore PH balance of water by releasing minerals to adjust the PH of water to mild alkaline.
    - Stage 6: Ion Exchange Resin
    - Stage 7: Mineral Stone Immersion:
    The highly porous mineral stone helps with the oxygenation of water and adjusting water to mild alkaline. The mineral stones in the filter continuously release more than 20 kinds of ionized minerals and will gradually deplete in size. Contains Germanium which can help to absorb heavy metals.
    - Stage 8: Magnetic Water Faucet: To simulate magnetism emitted by the earth's core to energise the water
  • Designed to simulate natural mineral water creation while releasing essential minerals into drinking water including Calcium, Zinc and Magnesium.
  • Advanced & durable design
  • Water tank: 
    - White, simple design to prevent leakage
    - New design of float valve: directly insert to water guard of water dispenser without needing to remove the water guard


  • Tank capacity (depending on order): 16 litres or 24 litres
  • Overall size dimensions for 24L water tank: 60x40x30cm approx
  • Overall size dimensions for 16L water tank: 50x32x32cm approx
  • Product weight: 4.5kg approx
  • Shape: Square purification tank with flat lid
  • Material: Plastic
  • Estimated Filter life: Up to 6-8 months or 5000 litres (subject to frequency of usage)
  • Power/electricity: Not required
  • Plumbing: Not required
  • Used for: Home / Offices / Schools / Camps
  • Installation instruction: Printed on the product box
  • Colour: 
    - Top cover, joining ring and base:
    - Upper and lower tank: Transparent plastic
  • Package contents (depending on order):
- Option 1: 16LWaterTank: One water tank with 16L capacity and faucet, includes one filter to be installed for the 16L water tank.
Option 2: 24LWaterTank: One water tank with 24L capacity and faucet, includes one filter to be installedfor the 24L water tank.
- Option 3: 2xFilter16L: Two filters for 16L water tank (intended as replacement filters if you already have a 16L water tank). Water tank not included.
Option 4: 2xFilter24L: Two filters for 24L water tank (intended as replacement filters if you already have a 24L water tank). Water tank not included.

Please note

  • This is a multi-variation listing: Please choose carefully to order either the 16L or 24L water tank or filter cartridge replacements. Filter replacements are specific for either 16L or 24L water tank depending on your selection.
  • Filter lifetime is subject to frequency of use.
  • Cold water only
  • Before using the water tank and filter, rinse the filter cartridge by running the filter under clean, flowing water. Do not shake the filter roughly during this process. Filter the tank first by completing a few full tanks of filtering water before commencing to drink the first tank of water.
  • Small black carbon particles can appear: soak the filter cartridge under running water. The toner can be gently tilted during this process until the particles do not appear before commencing to use the water tank normally.
  • The white ceramic filter can be similarly washed with water and use a soft cloth to clean the surface.
Additional Information

16L Water Tank, 24L Water Tank, 2x Filters for 16L Water Tank, 2x Filters for 24L Water Tank