Multi-Functional Outdoor Tools: Innovative Camping Items That Serve Multiple Purposes for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Outdoor Camping Items

Imagine being surrounded by trees, mountains, and other elements that connect you with nature. Leaving behind the mundane life of work and family, you get to experience the world outside. 

Camping is one of the ways to do so. Refresh and rejuvenate yourself while being surrounded by the beauty of nature. However, to survive the camping days you will require camping items. Irrespective of where you are, camping supplies will help you take care of yourself while enjoying it to the fullest. 

Folding Shovel Survival Tool

Survival Tool

Folding shovels are a crucial tool for camping due to their versatility and compact design. These camping supplies’ ability to dig fire pits or trenches for drainage enhances campsite management and safety. Its foldable nature ensures easy portability, making it a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast's gear collection.

Features of this Folding Shovel:

  • Overall length: 67cm; Tactical blade length: 8.8cm 
  • Material: manganese steel; Handle material: aluminum alloy; Tactical knife material: 440 stainless steel
  • The disassembly can be customized to meet specific needs. 
  • The built-in handle features a pointed cone for effortlessly breaking windows and serves as a means of self-defense.

Hiking 4-In-1 Military Camping Backpack

camping backpack

This 4-in-1 Military Camping Backpack comes with a multifunctional design and rugged durability. Its sections accommodate various requirements and offer plenty of room for storing camping items and personal belongings. Its military-grade design further increases endurance, making it dependable in harsh outdoor environments. 

Features of this Backpack:

  • Constructed with waterproof 600D Nylon material.
  • Wide & thick waist belt, comfortable for heavy carry.
  • Comes with an adjustable chest belt
  • Compartment (approx): 52 x 31 x 12cm
  • Front Pocket (approx): 18 x 32 x 10cm
  • Side Pockets (2) (approx): 20 x1 4 x 6cm

Portable Shower Tent + 20L Solar Shower Bag

portable tent

The Portable Shower Tent offers privacy and protection from the elements, ensuring a comfortable and discreet bathing experience. Meanwhile, the Solar Shower Bag utilizes renewable energy to heat water, providing warm showers without the need for electricity or gas. 

Features of this Camping Item:

  • Large zippered door of portable tent for convenient access
  • Easy Set-Up And Pack Away
  • Height: 190cm
  • Compact, Lightweight
  • Color: Green or Blue (randomly dispatched depending on stock availability)
  • Overall size dimensions: 120 x 120 x 190 cm approx

Electric Bug Zapper with UV

Electric Bug Zapper

In camping settings, particularly in the summer, bugs such as flies and mosquitoes can be irritating and even dangerous to your health. The Electric Bug Zapper is an environmentally beneficial and chemical-free method of controlling insects. It works by using UV light to attract insects, which are then electrified upon contact. 

Features of this Bug Zapper:

  • Releases ultraviolet light waves to attract household flying pests to the electrical grid
  • Doesn't use any chemical to kill insects
  • Convenient top hook to easily hang/mount this camping item 
  • Detachable bottom tray for insect collection

Stainless Steel Portable Folding Stove

Camping Stove

A Portable Camping Stove helps campers with a reliable means of preparing hot meals, beverages, and snacks. The durability and sturdy construction of this folding stove make it suitable for various outdoor conditions. 

Features of this Folding Stove:

  • Foldable  & lightweight
  • Square grid shape plate for BBQs or placing frying pans
  • Rustproof stainless steel to enhance durability and high-temperature resistance
  • Lockable fuel door

Wrapping Up

Outdoor activities are fun. But knowing how to manage everything when camping is essential. We at Salesbay make this process easier so that you can enjoy it to the fullest without any worries. 

You can shop for an array of camping items under the same roof. Our products are premium quality ensuring that you can use them for the longest time. Moreover, you get varieties in each product to choose your favorite one according to your preferences.