Car Roof Rack Accessories: Must-Have Add-Ons for Outdoor Enthusiasts and Travelers

Car Roof Accessories

Are you someone who loves to travel and is going on a road trip soon? Did you think of where you’ll be fitting in all your luggage? 

We are here to help! All you need to do is get a car roof rack. Its versatility and capacity to expand your vehicle's carrying capabilities make it a must-have accessory. Some come with unique features that further enhance their benefits. 

Let’s explore the numerous car roof rack accessories options you have for your vehicle!

Thick Aluminum Flat Tray Carrier

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This car roof rack with black powder-coated aluminum alloy is designed in a way to reduce wind resistance & noise. You get enough space to keep your things and don’t need to worry about things falling off. The full mounting kit with U-locks makes it easy to install without drilling or damaging the vehicle.

Features of this Car Roof Rack:

  • The tray is extra thick
  • Sturdy construction; load capacity - 150 kg (max)
  • Overall size dimensions (LxWxH): 160x120x1.5 cm approx
  • Supplies for car roof rack: Roof Tray x1, Mounting kit incl U locks x1 (please note cross bars are not included)

U Locks Brackets Bolts for Car Roof Rack

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This pack contains supplies for car roof rack, including 4 u brackets that are designed to connect the RACK-A or RACK-B to a pair of cross bars. This pack also includes different sizes of bolts to help you place the car roof rack securely.

The size of alternative cross bars should be

  • Cross-section: less than 8.2 cm
  • Thickness: less than 4 cm

4x4 Roof Rack Basket Cargo Carrier Box

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The single-layer tray design of this car roof rack gives it a sleek modern appearance. The car rack accessories include one set of roof trays, 2 cross bars, screws, and other fitting accessories. You are required to assemble it where the roof side rail requires a gap of 2 cm minimum gap for the cross bars to slide through and clip onto the parallel side rails.

Features to look out for:

  • Material: Aluminium Alloy, Iron plate, ABS Plastic
  • Color of the tray: Silver; Color of the cross bars: Black or Silver
  • Max load: 150 kg standard on-road conditions
  • Overall size dimensions (approx):
    - Tray size: 160x100 cm (LxW)
    - Length of included cross bars: 135 cm approx

Heavy Duty Steel Roof Rack Basket

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This basket-shaped roof rack can be installed easily without drilling or damage to the vehicle. The package contents include a car rack and a mounting kit with U-locks. It also has a wind deflector at the front center making it weatherproof. Moreover, it has a sturdy construction because of the strong steel tube base. 

Features of this Basket Shape Car Roof Rack:

  • Material: Powder-coated steel
  • Colour: Black
  • Max load: 100kg
  • Overall size dimensions (approx):
    - Rack (LxWxH): 160x100x15 cm
    - Tube thickness: 1.6 cm approx
    - Gap between tubes: 7-7.5 cm approx 

Wrapping Up

Whether it's for carrying sporting equipment or luggage, a car roof rack greatly expands a vehicle's capacity. It is an essential item for anyone who values versatility, convenience, and practicality in their travels. Come along and explore an array of roof rack options Salesbay provides. You can choose any depending on your needs and rack dimensions. 

So, are you ready to carry some extra luggage on your next trip?